About us

We are slow.

Quality over quantity. Every garment is made in accordance with the slow fashion philosophy, minimizing environmental impact as much as possible. Our goal is to keep our production less wasteful and exclusive: we start with small quantities of each product, and only make more based on your direct feedback. We try our best to infuse value into every seam, lining and fold of a lovingly crafted garment.

Buy less, choose well, make it last.

Each clothing is designed and sewed with the utmost care in Athens, under our own manufacturing and close supervision for securing the best materialization of our ideas and full control of the production process. We strive everyday to become better, and in doing so, we try to prioritize fabrics with ecological content and as sustainable as possible.

We are pure.

Simplicity is essential and beautiful, yet sometimes overlooked. We grow accustomed to seeing daily elements of beautiful things in life, that we tend to forget their significance in their reoccurance. We are set for constantly reminding and showing that there is, and always will be, pure, true and effortless beauty in simplicity.